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We have thousands of sophisticated and highly advanced cybersecurity challenges in our Cyber Range. The Cyber Range Sphere is available to RCCE Level 2 students.
Ransomware attacks
Run SAST/DAST tests
Run Vulnerability scanners
Compile Java, C++, NodeJS applications
SQL Injection attacks
XML weakness
Stealth tunnels
Threat modeling
Nmap scans
IDS/ IPS firewalls configuration
Linux kernel tweaking
VPNs, proxy and socks chains
Exploit sensitive data
Launch OWASP top 10 attacks
Launch man-in-the middle attacks
Create SSL certificates using Openssl
Secure mail servers with POP3/SMTP
Configure LDAP servers
Configure Web servers
Configure SSHD servers
Configure IPtables and IProutes
Infect the system with rootkits
Configure and secure DNS servers
Conduct forensic analysis
ARP poisoning, sniffing and tcpreplay
Run anti-virus scans using clamav
Crack passwords
Launch denial-of-service attacks
Assemble and disassemble programs
Reverse engineer malware
Launch php backdoors
Run key loggers and spyware
Master bash shell scripting
Enable web application content filters
Manage CMS systems Wordpress
Manage databases MongoDB, sqlite3 and MySQL
Perform IT and asset management
Monitor log files using syslog daemon
Run tcpcrypt tunnel backdoors
Launch phishing attacks
Use Webasemble libraries
Master Python programming
Configure STUN servers for Video conferencing
Run Wireshark and analyze PCAP files
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